Women's Temple 2016

               Welcome to the Women's Temple Collective II 2016                   Registration is now closed.

Click the above play button or download the recording of our Open House to hear about our vision for the Women's Temple and the types of exercises we do together. You'll also hear from some of the women who have been in the Temple and what they've gotten out of this unique experience.

"Being in the Women's Temple has been in many ways like coming home. Home to a circle of sisters who are owning their own edges and erotic wildness, touching the most tender parts of their hearts and bodies."

- WTC I Participant

Click here for more testimonials from the Women's Temple

Join us for The Women’s Temple Collective II
January  –  June 2016

The Women’s Temple Collective II is a 6-month immersion experience into new world women’s culture.

For WOMEN who feel certain there is an expression of SHE that has yet to be discovered and supported in this world; for women who feel YOU are part of that offering.

For women who feel certain this expression of SHE has the potential to create a new language and culture of human wholeness across the Earth; expressed with the glorious diversity of belief and expression which are essential to all healthy eco-systems.

For women who love this Earth, love the wild expression of Life that still unapologetically unfolds with each day, each night, each season, and who believe the same glory that animates this, animates us, even in our current state of extraordinary and catastrophic human wounding, and the damage we cause from this place.

We gather together, in person, once per month, and stay in intimate contact with each other throughout the six months, from wherever we call home. We practice transparency, ownership of both our shadow and (often more difficult) our gifts. We know each of us is the carrier of something never-before-seen, and we hold each other accountable to this.

We are a collective of Women gathering together monthly, to weave radical women's culture in service of a new human presence at this time; creating a new-world post-feminism Sisterhood within which we practice fierce truth-telling, compassionate reflection and the cultivation of wildly intimate female community in service a world in which all life is sacred. 

We practice the intimate arts together, acknowledging the importance of reclaiming and deeply nourishing the generative, creative force that not only animates our sex and sexuality but everything we do in, and offer to, the world, including what we create (or ‘do to make a living’), the way we partner (whether or not we are in ‘traditional’ relationships) and how we mother (whether or not we have children). We can acknowledge this edge; that regardless of how we are oriented in our sexuality, we must learn how to support each other, strip away the limiting and self-harming behaviors of competition with and fear of our sisters. 

This is an intimate arts ceremony/ritual soul-centric practice group – and not for women who are uninterested in - or afraid of - intimate sisterhood (regardless of the concept of 'sexual orientation').

We are a group of women who are sexually oriented to LIFE.

This group believes that as women, our primary expression comes from, and is nourished in, the well of our generativity (which this culture has meagerly labeled our 'sexuality' and attached it merely to the thing we do with our intimate partner), and that to be fully aware of who we are, hence capable of nurturing, sustaining and expressing our greatest offerings to the world, we must create radical pioneering communities of intimate sisterhood across the globe. Within these pioneering intimate communities we are held accountable to the magnificence that dwells within us and offered deep, fierce and tender encouragement to betroth ourselves to this world, as if all life depended upon it....

At this particularly dark time....all life just might depend upon it.

We also acknowledge, perhaps even more difficult, that our sexuality, it’s fullness, it’s health and its wholeness are not simply ‘for our men’, but actually first and foremost, for ourselves and this earth and all this things we hold dear and of value (including our men). 

We work to strip the shame that has told us we must keep the exploration of our sexuality, pleasure, growth and questions from our sisters.

We are a group of women who understand that loving, fierce, emotionally and physically intimate women’s community is necessary for our wholeness and growth--all of which is necessary for the wholeness of human culture at large and therefore the health of the planet eco-system. 

We are a sisterhood, made up of women of all ages, proclamations and orientations; women who love men, women who love women and women who love everyone in between. 

We propose that an alive woman is nourished – emotionally and physically turned-on and supported in her sovereignty – by vastly more than her intimate partner(s) (whomever she chooses to share her sex and her physical and emotional bodies or home with). We believe that our female aliveness is nourished by more than our intimate partner(s), our children, our job and our self-care/exercise routine. 

We are a collective that believes, with due reverence and sincerity, that western culture (and with each passing decade, dominant world culture) is anathema to true human health and well-being, and we have come together to explore the new (and ever-shifting) requirements for true life-supporting human culture among women.

We are a continually evolving, expanding group of females who hold sacred and support not only ALL expressions of healthy, authentic masculine, but all expressions of gender. We do not have a dogma or belief system around gender, but we hold dear and sacred – and work to facilitate the restoration of – what we call the Stallion, which we experience as the opposite – or complementary – pole of gender expression to the female or feminine. 

While we believe all healthy human expression contains some amount of masculine and feminine, we see the necessity of the diversity of masculine and feminine in the generativity of new life, and we see the necessity of those who hold both poles within themselves, or have been born as one gender while identifying almost exclusively as the other. 

We believe that, as women, our capacity to live in the world un-daunted by the pressures of western culture, shedding the shame we are offered around the wild, intelligent nature of our sexuality/creativity/generativity, our fierceness, our softness and our mercurial ever-shifting states of being requires that we be held by our sisters in a community which is dedicated to, and in fact prioritizes, the unique, universal, diverse and extremely potent nature of SHE. 

We draw from old world knowledge of the Temple Priestess Culture, informed by the fast-paced, high-tech culture of the modern woman who earns a living, raises children and still holds the fort down in the realm of her home.

We practice ceremony, ritual, rites of passage, the way of council and a form specifically developed for woman’s culture called Truth Telling.

We teach neurobiology, trauma & attachment theory and somatic sexology and sexological bodywork

The Women’s Temple Collective is a dynamic community of diverse women, founded on the desire to support each other in our growth and learning, who all believe in one thing:

That one woman can only be as powerful as the community in which she’s embedded; and that the shifting course of humanity rests on women stepping into their authentic, of-service, feminine power.

What You'll Learn and Practice:

Entering The Temple of Body: Anatomy, Arousal & Physiology of Female Pleasure

The spinal column of the WTCII, ‘Entering The Temple’ was borne from the awareness that women are tribal, physical and necessarily voracious; that we require more touch and contact than even the most wonderful monogamous partnership can provide; that in truth, our capacity to tend to all in our purview is based upon the amount of emotional and physical nourishment we receive and give over the course of an average day. 

This module is a response to the fact that many of us are raised in ignorance to the physiological, practical functioning of our magnificent anatomy even though our full expression in the world requires that we not only understand, but tend to and harness this energy. 

This module directly confronts intrajected shame and the erroneous and limiting belief systems many of us inherit as we make our way through childhood and adolescence. Body image, impossible expectations to be bigger, smaller, blonder, darker, stronger, more...less….all are challenged when we courageously dare to reveal ourselves in the compassionate company of our sisters. Here, little by little, we find the musculature to own our curiosity, rage, shyness, desire and arousal with our sisters. 

Whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, celibate or something else, this is a necessary ingredient in your full-throttle no-holds-barred authentic vibrant life.

Erotic Intelligence (EI)

In the WTC, and all programs that come from the Institute, we regard Erotic Intelligence as the preeminent intelligence; the supreme or mother intelligence out of which all other recognized intelligences (like kinesthetic, emotional, Logical-Mathematical, Naturalist etc) come, all in support of our capacity to engage, with multiple relational streams, in and with the world. The 4th god to be created, Eros is the god of form, created just after, and out of, Chaos. It is the intelligence which makes meaning and relationship out of randomness, out of anarchy, out of chaos. Our Erotic Intelligence is the capacity we have to create relationships of interdependence, of form and function, in order that brilliant ever-evolving systems of life and creativity may be birthed and sustained. Far more than merely the energy of lust and desire, EI is the energy of impulse to contribute, to have meaning and relevance, to be of values to that which we value. The cornerstones of EI are sovereignty, presence/mindfulness, appreciation, curiosity and gratitude. 

Soul-Centric Work: Facilitating Soul-Encounter and Initiation

When we use the term ‘soul’ we are referring to the utterly unique, equally mysterious, essence of our human expression, a thing Bill Plotkin refers to as the “wild core of our individual selves, …. qualities found in layers of the self much deeper than our personalities”. It is a central and organizing human need to have relevance and importance to our people; to be known as ‘the one who...’ and being valued for what we bring. If we do not know these things about ourselves we often feel stuck, depressed, anxious or otherwise thwarted. But we only discover this information in community. This module will explore the central questions: Who are you? What medicine do you bring? What are you here to do? What is the care and feeding of you?

Shadow & Power Module

This module has us exploring what is hidden in each of us that often runs the show. Feminine shadow is dangerous and powerful. Through the gentle truthful group exploration of that which we cannot see on our own, we are empowered to claim and offer our greatest medicine by revealing our darkest shame and wound places.  

Sovereignty Module

Defined as our capacity to feel and maintain our rightness-of-being no matter what is going on around us and within us. Practicing sovereignty means our wellness and worth are not up for grabs depending on the mood of our partner, children, friends, co-workers etc. When we are sovereign, we are more certain of our goodness and inherent value than we are fishing for someone else’s sense of this. The paradox of sovereignty is that in order to cultivate and practice sovereignty we must be in direct and primary relationship with something vastly greater than ourselves; something more-than-human to which we feel a primary belonging, for which we feel a devotion and profoundly deep love, for which we would do anything. It is this one we answer to, whether it is the setting sun, an entity we call god, the breath that moves in and out of us that links us to all other life, or to Life itself. It is this relationship, which we nourish above all else, that allows us to remain aware of and give our gifts, even in the face of such dark times as these. 

Community / Women’s Culture Module

In the WTC we believe there has been such a degradation of women’s culture across the planet we are starting from a place of pure exploration. While we see ourselves in a position of pure potential, we also acknowledge we do not have cultural role models for true healthy women’s community. Our lives, our biology, our experience of the feminine all have been in a rapid evolution and adaptation to the ever-shifting economic and domestic/social terrain on which we are precariously perched. It is the mission of the WTC to support women to be both intrepid explorers, data gatherers and hypothesis testers/scientists/artists as we are also doing the extraordinary work of maintaining human culture on the planet at this time. 

Grace Module

In Greek and Roman Mythology, the Graces or Charites (pronounced Karites) were (usually) the three ‘grace-full’ daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, goddesses representing charm (or charisma), nature, beauty and human creativity & fertility. Like their mythic sisters the Muses, these goddesses were inspiratuers, dancers, beautiful in demeanor and presentation. Importantly, they were far from naive. They are associated with the Underworld and the story of the abduction of Persephone and the Eleusinian Mysteries – the most well revered secret religious rites of fertility and sacred masculine and feminine, in ancient Greece. 

This module invites us to explore the ways we hold the dark mysteries of our allure, the power we hold as women to sway an entire population of people if we dare; and how to hold ourselves accountable to the right use of this extraordinary power. How do we surround ourselves with reminders of our humility? And how, if we are like so many of our sisters, do we even acknowledge ourselves as goddesses of Grace and Charisma to begin with, if we have been raised to believe otherwise; if we have experienced our power and brilliance hungrily consumed in violent acts of sexual abuse and perpetration? How do we not make this power paltry and small by imagining that we are better for the amount of power we can have over men, and in competition with our sisters, in the dayworld; the amount of attention we can garner by simply flaunting our attributes in a pornographic style? How do we hold ourselves so we are portraying beauty, value (not falseness), inspiration, honoring and authentic female power, in a way that invites all those who come into contact with us to imagine their own brilliance and power?

Muse Module

The Muses were the 9 sisters of creative inspiration, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, traditionally regarded as the personification of knowledge (science, art, literature among their particular foci). The WTC sees the feminine as Muse, as particularly designed to be a reflective inspiration for other’s greatness and genius (male, female or any other gender). 

The Muse Module asks: “What flavour of inspiring are you? What is your own creative outpouring? How do you reflect other’s greatness? What permission for genius do you bring and cultivate in those fortunate to be in your presence?” Of course, if we do not acknowledge this power and capacity within ourselves, we will be in no position to offer it to others. The first order of business is acknowledging, honoring and feeding this in ourselves and each other.

2016 Dates

In-Person Weekend Immersions in Boulder, CO. Fridays from 5 pm to 8 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm 

  • Jan. 29 - 31
  • Feb. 26 - 28
  • April 1 - 3
  • April 29 - May 1
  • May 27 - 29
  • June 24 - 26

Additional Virtual Temple Gatherings:

  • There will also be six, two-hour online practicums with the lead instructors (to be scheduled; these will be recorded).
  • There will also be six, two-hour online workshops with the assistant instructors (to be scheduled; these will be recorded).

What You'll Get - Structure and Support:

  • 140 hours of practice, teaching, mentorship and support, in individual, small group and large group structures.
  • 6 Monthly in-person weekend immersions in the Temple community, including practices, rituals, learning and teaching. Each woman comes to the temple with her own expertise. We rely on you owning and offering your expertise, no matter what it is. 
  • 6 Monthly two-hour group practicums with the lead instructors to receive additional teachings and to get additional support and share experiences in between weekend immersions.
  • Individual mentorship with a graduate from the original WTC, which includes a minimum of two, one-on-one sessions during the six months (in person or over the phone) as well as email contact to receive reflection and support in between our gatherings.
  • 6 Monthly two-hour online workshops to deepen your practice and expand our collective of erotic intelligence. These two-hour online workshops lead by the assistant instructors will include topics such as how to work with your energetic boundaries, how to make sacred objects, how to design your own personal ceremony/ritual, how to work with your own depression/trauma, how to tap into your energy body, mytho-poetic expressions of the feminine, how to cultivate authentic community where you live, how to cultivate and nurture your mother archetype (even if you’re not or don’t want to be a mama).
  • An online Temple forum with key resources for skill development and ongoing support from the entire Temple, including participants, WTC I graduates/assistant instructors and the lead instructors. 

Are You Ready to Step into the Women's Temple?


The WTC is for the woman who is ready to own her greatness, even if it contradicts what she’s been told about herself; who is starving for a deeper experience of herself and her sisters, so that she can get busy creating and sustaining a life of deep service to all that she holds dear in the world. 

The WTC is for the woman who has done the foundation work to explore her fundamental value and worth and now needs the fierce, compassionate reflection and witness of her sisters to bring her relationship with herself to the next level of rigor and expression.

The WTC is for the woman who wants to explore the depth and breadth of her erotic and sensual capacity as a woman, in the shame-free landscape of sisterhood, so that she may offer it out in the world from a place of care, courage, freedom and play.  

Click here to register and here to read testimonials for the WTC.

Registration and Cost


This work is profoundly intimate and deep. We keep the Temple small (no more than 15 women) to ensure you get a lot of attention, guidance and mentorship. There is a maximum ratio of 3 participants to 1 instructor; often it is less. We will spend over 140 hours during a 6-month period together in deeply intimate community. Doing this work is invaluable in community.

EARLY BIRD Pricing is in effect through January 1, 2016

Payment Plan of $995 / month for 6 months


One-time payment of $5500

Regular Pricing (after Jan. 1, 2016)

Payment Plan of $1350 / month for 6 months


One-time payment of $7500

Temple Registration

Registration includes an application and interview to ensure the Temple is a good fit for you at this time.  Please complete the registration process, in this order:

  1. Make a $500 payment for your fully refundable deposit and fill out this short form online here
  2. Complete the Program Application within 5 days of making your deposit, available on our Google drive in Word and PDF for download - click here
  3. If you also want to apply for the Work Study Program, fill out a Work Study Application after you have completed steps 1 and 2, available on our Google drive in Word and PDF for download - click here

Registration is now open until January 10. Click here to register. Email us at connect@magnificentlover.com if you have questions.

Work Study

We will offer up to two women the opportunity to join the Temple as a Work Study participant at half-price payment plus half-price work exchange. Work Study participants will be selected based both on financial need and experience/skills they bring to the Institute. Work Study participants will be full participants while at Temple events (you will not be working during these events). We will agree together on a structure and amount of work in exchange for participating in the Work Study program. We especially need skills such as business administration, website development, marketing and other entrepreneurial brilliance. Please complete the registration process as defined above before completing the Work Study application.